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Description of the settings menu.                 

Before notification:

The sound to be played before the notification can be set here. Melody or a personal voice message  can also be set.

Repetition before the movement of the phone: 
If there is any sound set in the previous menu, it will be played until the patient moves the phone.

Length of recording of the reactions:

After each notification and memories, the application will automatically record the voice and  reaction of the patient. The length of the recording can be set here.

Awakening function: 
Works with Android WEAR smart-watch. The patient is required to wear the watch during the night.  The application senses once the elderly person wakes up during the night and the application switches on the screen of the phone that illuminates the room and helps to orientate.
Voice message after awakening: 
An addition to the previous function. The application plays a prerecorded voice-message after the  awakening of the elderly person.

Awakening limit:

It is different from person to person what is the limit when qualifies as awaken. This limit can be  personalized.


The application can be locked, so the elderly person cannot modify the settings by chance.


The application may be unlocked by entering this password.